Sexprofiel van NewTouchingSoul

Gebruikersnaam: NewTouchingSoul
Leeftijd: 51
Land: Nederland
Provincie: Zuid-Holland
Geslacht: Man
Sexualiteit: Hetero
Relatie: Getrouwd
Gewicht: 105 Kg
I am looking for the thrilling feeling of touching an unknown body, exploring all areas of your delightful skin and finding this special expression in your eyes that tells me that you are truly satisfied. From the outside, you would not think that I am special. Time has left its signs. I used to have more hair and I am working on my shape to be what it was. But look behind and see my soul!
  • Massage sex
  • Pijpen
  • Oraal
  • Romantisch
  • MILF sex
  • Vreemdgaan
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